From the guy who made SCP Arcade (yeah, that guy) comes a game that he is finally getting out of his brain: Robot Gardens, a game that mashes up so many other classic games that it will make your head explode. The farming of Farmville, the simulation of Sim City and Animal Crossing, and adventure of The Legend of Zelda, and the action of Gaunlet and Smash TV all rolled up into one tasty burrito of a video game that will be in your iPhone or iPad before the end of the year!

You play as the unlucky heir to a farm that has never produced anything, a farm that you would quickly sell for taco money until you realize you have also inherited an obnoxious debt to the local Mob. Great. With no means to pay back the debt, you start to work the farm as best you can, soon accidentally discovering that the soil is toxic and will not grow plants... but robots! Armed with a little army of mini robots who obey your commands, you send them out into the world to find treasure in the hopes your little army can save you from the Mob. But the world outside your farm is just as unfriendly as the Mob's fists, and your robots will soon be battling hordes of monsters, the elements, and toxic beasts. You'll be growing more robots, going on new adventures, mix-and-matching up your tiny army, and fighting in real time as the clock on your debt is ticking. You'll fish. You'll mine. You'll heal your land and grow crops. Your robots will go deep into caves, into thick jungles, across vast deserts, and climb the coldest of peaks.

Farming doesn't have to suck... especially when you're growing robots!

Robot Adventure
Map Music
Desert Turkey
Deadly Valley
Robot Town
Cave Theme 1
Cave Theme 2
Cave Theme 3
Techno Factory
Dark Castle
Ice Cave
Snow Land